Stopping Hair Loss

Regrow Hair Back

How to Regrow Your Hair

There are more people these days suffering from hair loss than ever before. If you are experiencing balding or thinning then you are definitely trying to find a way to regrow hair.

Most people that suffer from hair loss are over the age of 40. However, even people as young as 18 can begin experiencing their hair falling out. If you're interested in ways to treat this problem then keep reading.

One way people treat hair loss is to use medical treatments such as minoxidil. Minoxidil is one of the medical treatments that have been approved by the FDA for treating this problem. You can get this medicine in liquid form and apply it directly to your scalp a couple of times daily. This medication doesn't require a prescription as you can get it over the counter.

Another medical treatment for hair loss is finasteride. This medication does require a prescription from a doctor and unlike minoxidil you will have to consume this pill orally to treat your problem. Your doctor will advise you as to how much you should take each day, and also let you know about the side effects this medication can cause. With either one of these medications you will need to keep taking it in order for the hair growth you do experience to last. Once you stop using these medications it will cause your hair to fall out again.

Laser therapy is another common way to treat hair loss in the medically. The FDA has just approved this treatment option for hair regrowth in both females and males. This procedure uses a low level laser on the scalp area to help promote hair growth and stopping the rest of your hair from falling out. The great thing about this laser therapy procedure is the fact that you won't feel any kind of pain. Each session will last about a half an hour and there is no recovery time either. Make sure you talk things over with your doctor in order to determine if this laser therapy treatment is good for you.

Hair transplants can also be used to help your hair grow again. The doctor will take a portion of the back of your head and attach it to the balding area in the front of your scalp. This procedure does cause some pain and can leave your head a little tender. These are some of the best ways to stop hair loss and regrow hair. All of these treatments are medical and have the potential to cause some kind of side effect. This is why a lot of hair loss sufferers turn to natural remedies to stimulate hair growth with a minimum risk of side effects.